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NFL Betting Strategy: How To Bet on Football Games And Win

NFL betting can be described in many ways. It’s a hobby, a passion, a profit opportunity, or just plain old fun. But the lure of the sportsbook is about much more than predicting which team will win the game on Sundays.

To bet on football can be a sport, a game all of its own. To “win the game” of NFL gambling, it’s about outsmarting the bookmaker – and often the public. Super Bowl bets are often placed by amateurs first and professionals second, since the Super Bowl draws so much “recreational” NFL gambling action that the odds can move in a lucky direction. Profit is earned not by betting on the NFC or AFC champion most likely to win the game, but rather which Super Bowl betting market that offers the biggest reward on a winning bet with the least amount of risk.

Experts on football & NFL betting strategy like to talk about “the number,” or the point spreads and “Over/Under” line set in Las Vegas prior to each week of NFL action. However, before you can focus on numbers at the sportsbook, it’s important to learn the basics of predicting Sunday games. Knowledge of pigskin – and of how a sportsbook like FanDuel operates – is a necessity when finding the best way to bet.

Styles of Betting Odds on the National Football League

“Old ladies with hat pins!” That’s a phrase NFL experts once used to mock betting handicappers of the sports league. At the time, it was thought that consistently beating NFL point spreads and O/U lines was all but impossible. Random selection methods—like tossing hat pins at club decals—were said to be just as effective as any other tactic. 

The myth that it was impossible to make money on NFL bets has been debunked since then. It turns out that the best football betting options were hiding beneath the surface—until the government began to legalize sports betting. Tycoons like Billy Walters have been sought-out by the authorities for making too much money gambling on football, not for losing massive stakes and falling into debt. 

Success is possible when making bets on pro football, but not everyone can afford a traveling team of scouts for the NFL playoffs like Walters can. For a regular bettor to have a chance to beat the book and make some money from gambling bets, a firm understanding of the odds must be paired with an All-Pro QB’s cunning. 

Let’s look at a few classic play styles of wagering on the NFL at online betting sportsbooks, and how to weigh risk vs. reward when making sports bets.