ParlayPlay Review

Who Is Parlayplay?

ParlayPlay Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a new entrant into the multi-billion dollar Daily Fantasy Sports market. ParlayPlay Daily Fantasy offers a twist on this style of “betting” that allows users to parlay daily picks into higher payouts based on a pair of game styles. 

ParlayPlay Promo Code & Bonus Offer

ParlayPlay offers a fantastic welcome offer for all new users: $10 completely free plus a deposit match up to $50. Click here to signup for Parlayplay. The bonus offer is also available to all new users by signing up and entering our exclusive promo code: THEUSG.


Parlayplay Daily Fantasy Sports is available in 27 states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Parlayplay is also available in Canada!

ParlayPlay Daily Fantasy is an excellent option for Canadian citizens living outside of Ontario, which is the only province with legalized online betting. Canadians living inside Ontario can use it too!

User Interface

The user interface for the online browser (there is no mobile application yet) is easy to pick up quickly. It only takes about five minutes to sign up and fund your account, and you are then taken to the main page. From the main page, there are tabs to select what sport you want to play: in the screenshot (L) you see baseball, basketball, hockey and boxing (starting from mid-May). All other navigation is just as intuitive.

Funding Your Account

Just signing up for Parlayplay gives the user several options for free play. By confirming your cell phone number and email address, the account will already have up to $20 in free money. In addition, there is a dollar for dollar match up to $50 on the first deposit. By the time a user starts playing, they could just about triple the money they deposited.

Deposit options include Credit Card and ACH transfers.

    Types of Games Available

    There are two main games that can be played: More/Less or Hit It.  

    In the More/Less game the user can pick between 2 to 4 players in the game and decide if they will get more or less than a given stat, similar to an over/under bet. The downside to this is there are only 2 stats to pick, and one is Parlay Points which are less clear on how they are calculated. Additionally, the players the user is picking are given and you can’t choose additional players, no matter how many picks you want for the parlay. In the Hit It game, the user picks from given ranges (for example the screenshot (R) shows picking the range of points Jason Tatum will score in Game 1 vs Miami). 

    For some reason this option is not always available and More/Less is all that can be played.


    There are multiple payouts depending on the games being played. If the user plays the More/Less game and picks 2 players, the payout for getting both correct is 3x. If a third player is picked the payout is 6x the initial bet and for 4 players 10x. 

    The payouts for the Hit It game are more exciting, with a 6x payout for getting both correct, 2x payout for 1 out of 2, and still half the bet back for getting both incorrect. 

    For the Risk Averse

    The interesting flip to the payouts is the opportunity for risk aversion. As mentioned above, in the More/Less game the user can go all in on 2 picks and get 3x payout if both are correct. You can also hedge that bet and get half the bet back for 1 out of 2 correct, but only 2x if both are correct (instead of 3x). In picking 3 players the all-in payout is 6x for being 3 for 3, or can be hedged to 3x with a 1.25x payout for 2 out of 3. 

    This creates a new dynamic that is not all or nothing and allows a bettor who may want to play it slower. 

    The Final Grade

    After playing with ParlayPlay for a few nights, betting on baseball, hockey, and basketball – it would be great to be able to pick from more player options. For example, if a user is betting with their heart and wants to just pick Boston players to go over their points spread for a game. A huge pro is how easy it is to use and how setting a bet takes just a few seconds, unlike setting a whole lineup in other fantasy games.  

    The parlay element is exciting when you win, instead of putting up $10 and winning $10 it’s fun to win $60 or more. 

    Now is a great time to test this new DFS game with all the promotional offers for first time users; you can even take out the free play money after it “rolls over” once. 

    Click here to sign up now and get $10 completely free.

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