Fantasy Football 2022: Bengals Edition

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The hardest part for a Fantasy Football GM is to separate his heart from his brain. Yes, I have even been guilty of being a little too confident in numerous Bengal fantasy football players. Peter Warrick and Carson Palmer come to mind. What’s better on a Sunday? Nothing is better on football Sunday than being able to cheer for your favorite Bengals fantasy football players for two reasons. Last season I reached the mecca for fantasy players: back-to-back weeks Joe Burrow went off in the Fantasy Football Playoffs. It was like no one I’ve seen since Priest Holmes vs the Lions in 2003. First the Ravens along with Tee Higgins and then against the Chiefs to win it all.

Bengals Genius Credentials: Consecutive Fantasy Football Titles

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The question remains, where do you responsibly draft your favorite Bengal players without being a slappy? First piece of advice, you don’t want to go heavy at one position on your favorite team. It ruins the whole experience because you’re putting all your eggs in one teams position group. One week it could be Tee Higgins, next its Chase, then you’ll get Boyd’s big game. Then of course you could run into the Joe Mixon vs Raiders game where they ground and pound all day.

Projected Round for Each Bengals Player

Ranking dependent on Fantasy Football scoring rules.

1st Round

Ja’Marr Chase (WR) – Despite the fact that Dan Orlovsky feels the Bengals should have Penei Sewell, Chase is poised to become a freak. Chase gets the targets and the TDs to warrant a top 5 pick. He is a stud and will be much improved on what was already a stellar year. Chase is Bengals Fantasy Football.

Joe Mixon (RB) – The value of a runningback who can catch the ball out of the backfield is tremendous. The upgrade of the o-line will do wonders as well. Mixon killed it with TDs last year with a career best of 16. That’s even considering the o-line couldn’t drive block a fat kid off a buffet line last year. This year they are all terminators and glass eaters. Which means he will get a lot more goal line scores. They will have the lead a lot as well, which means he will be grinding out the clock.

2nd Round

Joe Burrow (QB) – It depends on your scoring system but in the league that I dominate (3 straight titles) the quarterbacks only get 4-points per touchdown. However, in leagues where quarterbacks get 6, Joe Brrrrrrr is going to dominate like the league has never seen.

Receivers and backs usually dominate the 1st and 2nd rounds, but if there is a QB to reach for. Make it Joe.

3rd Round

Tee Higgins (WR) – Don’t get me wrong, Tee Higgins is a beast. He will get overlooked in most leagues and is worthy of being drafted in the 2nd round. If he falls to the 3rd round do not hesitate to pull the trigger. Another benefit of grabbing Tee is Chase will be so dominant this year, he’ll open opportunities for Higgins. By the time the Fantasy playoffs hit, teams will throw the kitchen sink at Chase, allowing Tee to dominate. Your friends lack of Bengals insight will benefit you here.

4th Round

Tyler Boyd (WR) – If he’s still available, pick-up Boyd in the 4th. He will always generate points and there are games where he will be the number one scorer. Week 4 of 2021 against Jacksonville he had 9 receptions for 118 yards. Boyd is an awesome security blanket and has burn your opponent potential.

5th Round

Hayden Hurst (TE) – Hayden Hurst will slip to the 5th round, and you’ll want to grab him. Hurst had a productive 2020 season before being all but replaced by Pitts in Atlanta. This pickup by the Bengals was underrated due to a down season last year. Reports out of training camp so far are that Hurst has established himself as a main receiving threat of Burrow. Additionally, there will be so much attention given to the other weapons on this offense that teams will have no choice but to give Hurst room to work. Hurst one on one against linebackers – he will win those battles all day.

9th Round

Evan McPherson (K) – Just grab him and make him 1st kicker off the board. Especially if you get more points for longer field goals. He hit a 65 yarder the other day and will get plenty of opportunity. There is a risk though. He will have to play in New England and at PBS so wind could be a factor in money time.

He is Money Mac for a reason though.

Key advice: Don’t go over two premier guys from the same team. If you want to throw in a kicker or the defense, so no more than three on your roster. That’s if you want to win the league.

Remember, brain over heart!

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