2022 Bengals Free Money Opportunities

by | Jul 3, 2022 | Football, The Cincy Corner

Written by The Bengals Genius

The fact that so many national pundits just don’t understand what’s going on in Cincinnati, this has created a unique opportunity for my favorite kind of money: ”FREE MONEY!”

Here is a look at some of the full season Bengals week one and prop bets I like for the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

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#1. Joe Burrow to lead the NFL in Passing Yards

A huge year is on the horizon, and Joe Burrow will benefit from a full off-season of working with his three legitimate targets. Additionally, an improved line, and playoff experience will do wonders for the Cincinnati kid. Throw down a crisp $50 to win $600 (+1200).

#2. Joe Burrow over 4,325.5 Yards for the Season

I call this bet “The Bengal Genius Christmas Bet” because this is going to pay in time to cover your Christmas gifts. I’m going to bet $1000 on this to make $892 (-112). I think this bet is a layup and is a great example of the general public not understanding how great Joey B is.

#3. Joe Burrow to Win League MVP Award

Notice a JB pattern? This beauty is +1200 as well so strike while the iron’s hot.

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#4. Joe Mixon Over 1100.5 Total Yards

Joe Mixon finished 2021 with 1205 all-purpose yards, good enough for third in the league. Joe Mixon will smash that number and have his biggest season ever behind a re-vamped o-line.

The Bengals are going to cause so much damage that they may get assault charges.

#5. Bengals Regular Season Over 10 Wins

I don’t love this bet on its own because there isn’t much value where the odds are currently set.

I’m going to take the Bengals over with a few others and make it a parlay: Bengals, 49ers, Packers, Buccaneers and Rams. The odds of this parlay come out to +681 on Fanduel Sportsbook so for $50 you’ll win $340. The parlay is NFC heavy because with all of the QB’s leaving the NFC, these 4 NFC teams are going to clean house against a collection of tomato cans.

#6. Week 1: Steelers at Bengals

That’s right, week 1 odds are up, so I’m giving you my first Bengals pick of the season: Bengals spread -6. Throw some money down on this lock as the Steelers come into the Jungle fired up and with a lot of swagger, but watch how quickly the Bengals take their souls. Bengals by a touchdown, at least.

I won’t make any picks on wide receiver yardage because it’s simply going to be too hard to say who will get the most yards between the 3 amigos. You will have the opportunity to check these Bengals out firsthand at the Cincinnati Bengals event Back together Saturday on July 30th. There will be a lot of events for the kids, and you’ll be able to sit in the Ruler of the Jungle throne to get a picture with the Lamar Hunt trophy… I personally, will wait for the Lombardi.

I plan on being a very rich man after this season, as all my picks are good as gold. I wish you all luck, and as always – If you don’t have it, don’t bet it!

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