Fourth of July Should be the Baseball Holiday

by | Jul 10, 2022 | Baseball

Every year on the Fourth of July, America celebrates its independence with fireworks, barbecues, and baseball. For many fans, baseball is the perfect way to spend the holiday – it’s a quintessentially American game, after all.

But what if Major League Baseball took things one step further and promoted their best rivalries and players on this patriotic holiday? For many watching the Yankees take on the Red Sox at Fenway Park or the Dodgers battle the Giants in San Francisco would be a perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Promoting rivalries and star players on the Fourth of July would be a surefire way to get even more people watching the game of baseball.

Let’s look at some reasons why I think this makes sense for Major League Baseball.

Promote Star Players

It’s no secret that baseball has been struggling to attract younger fans in recent years. But one of the sport’s biggest problems is it doesn’t promote its star players well. Sure, there are the occasional commercials or appearances by big names like Bryce Harper or Aaron Judge. Still, for the most part, the MLB does a poor job of marketing its top talent. And that’s a shame because there are some incredibly talented players in the league right now.

Take Shohei Ohtani, for example. He’s widely considered the best player in baseball given his talents as a two-way player, yet he’s barely even known outside of hardcore baseball fans. That’s a problem. Or look at his teammate Mike Trout, who is a generational talent. He’s a superstar player and an even better person, yet most casual fans couldn’t pick him out of a lineup.

The fact is major league baseball has some of the most marketable players in all of sports. But for whatever reason, the league doesn’t do an excellent job of promoting them. If the MLB wants to attract younger fans, it must start by promoting its stars. This comes from leveraging social media, getting to know the player’s personalities, and ensuring people have access to their games and highlights.

Make It A Tradition

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox rivalry is one of the most iconic and heated rivalries in all sports. The two teams have been battling it out on the diamond for over a century, and the intensity only seems to grow with each passing year. No love is lost between these two bitter rivals; their clashes are always must-see on television.

This is not just limited to the Yankees v. Red Sox rivalry. Major League Baseball has a long history of heated rivalries, including the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, the San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies, among many others. These are all teams with a long history of competition and some of the most dedicated fans in the country.

On the Fourth of July, these rivalries would be on full display as fans tune in to watch their favorite teams go head-to-head. For MLB, this is an opportunity to promote rivalries and star players while making a tradition on America’s most patriotic holiday.

One of my first baseball memories was at Yankee Stadium in 2003, watching Manny Ramirez hit a 400+ foot homer off David Wells. From that moment forward, I was completely hooked on the game of baseball. I believe MLB just needs to get people through the gates to make a new fan for life.

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Help Generate Extra Revenue

Another added bonus would be selling more tickets, custom holiday jerseys, and other merchandise. The league can attract more fans to the ballpark by having marquee matchups and generating even more revenue.

You can also have special events such as fireworks, giveaways, promos, and truly make it worth attending year in and year out.

Learn From The NFL & NBA Model

Why do the NBA and NFL continue to play on Christmas & Thanksgiving? There are a few reasons. For one, holiday games are big ratings draws. Fans are typically home from work or school and looking for something to watch on TV or attend in person. What better way to spend a holiday than watching your favorite team play?

Not to mention for both leagues, it’s become a holiday tradition. For many fans, watching the NBA on Christmas Day or the NFL on Thanksgiving is something they’ve always done. It’s part of their holiday routine. If baseball can attract people to the ballpark and make attending the games part of their yearly routine, it will create another generation of hardcore fans.

Finally, holiday games give players and teams a chance to show off their skills in front of a national audience. With more people watching, it’s an excellent opportunity for players to make a name for themselves and for teams to prove that they’re among the best in the league.

What’s More American Than Baseball?

Finally, there’s nothing more American than the game of baseball. It’s the sport that has been a part of our country for centuries, and it’s the sport that unites us all. From the moment the first pitch is thrown in spring training to the final out of the World Series, baseball is a part of our lives.

Baseball is a game that is steeped in tradition. It’s a game that is passed down from generation to generation. And it’s a game that embodies the best of what America has to offer. It’s a game of hard work, determination, grit, and perseverance. It’s a game that teaches us about history and about ourselves.

And there’s nothing more American than that.

Wrapping it Up

The fourth of July is one of the most important holidays in America. It celebrates our nation’s independence and all that we stand for as a country. Major League Baseball should make playing on this day an annual tradition, just like how they have Opening Day and the World Series. This would be a great way to show patriotism while also giving fans something to look forward to as they watch the games with family and friends.

If the NBA & NFL can pull it off, so can Major League Baseball.