Monkey Knife Fight Review

Who is Monkey Knife Fight?

Monkey Knife Fight (MKF) is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) site that has been around since 2018. The company is listed as the third largest DFS application and is owned by Bally Corporation, the RI-based casino and betting operator. 

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MKF is accessible in 35 US States & the District of Columbia with restrictions based on age: 

  • Age 18+ in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado (which has a few other restrictions), Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming
  • Age 19+ in Alabama and Nebraska
  • Age 21+ in Massachusetts 
  • The app is also accessible in Canada except in Quebec. This is based on location while using the game so you must have location services turned on.  

User Interface

There are two ways to play MKF, either via the mobile application available in the App Store/Play Store or online using a web browser. The interface on both is similar with everything being a bit more streamlined on the app. Both are easy to navigate, and pick up how to find the games you want quickly. There is a “New Game” button in the menu on the left of either that allows the user to pick a sport, what specific game(s) in that sport to pick from, and then which MKF game they want to play.  

After picking games, viewing them live or after completion is just as simple by going to “My Dashboard” in the same menu and then either picking Live, Upcoming, or Completed on the toolbar across the middle of the screen. The only difference users will notice here is for any game where more than 2 picks are made the browser version does a better job at displaying your picks whereas the app cuts off the picks made after the second player.


Funding Your Account

Signing up for MKF is easy using this link and your first deposit will be matched up to $100. Deposits can be made using any credit or debit card, making it simple to fund your account, and start playing in just a few minutes. All games played initially use the money matched in that first deposit, so to withdraw money it all needs to be played through, or only the initial amount can be withdrawn (i.e. if $100 is deposited and balance is $200 with match, only first $100 can be taken out until at least $100 is played; then winnings belong to you).

Games Available

One of the best parts of MonkeyKnifeFight is the wide array of games available. In picking the sport as a baseline for the fantasy game, there are many options including baseball, basketball, hockey, football, soccer, NASCAR, and even eSports. Within those there many different fantasy games to be played. 

In baseball alone, there are the following:

– More or Less – Choose from 2 to 5 players if they will get more or less than a given stat, such as strikeouts for a starting pitcher or total bases for a batter

– Rapidfire – Pick between two players who will get more in a given stat or fantasy points* with a spread included, with games again ranging from 2 picks up to 5 combos to chose from

– HomeRun Blast – pick 3 players and decide if they will get more than 0.5, 1.5, or 2.5 homeruns combined

– CountingK’s – pick 2 pitchers and bet if they will combine for more than 15.5, 18.5 or 20.5 strikeouts

– Hit Parade – pick 3 players to combine for more than 4.5, 5.5, or 6.5 hits

– Batting Champ – same as Hit Parade with Runs + RBIs

– Fantasy Challenge – pick 3 players to combine for more than 13.5, 15.5, or 17.7 fantasy points*

Each of these games have payouts linked to difficulty. For More or Less, picking 2 players correctly wins 3X money, and 5 for 5 wins 20X, with an all-or-nothing payout schedule. These games can also be played with players from one MLB game or across multiple games for that day; the 3 players picked in HomeRun Blast can be from 3 separate games, for example. 

*See image below for method of calculating fantasy points

Playing with Gaps

One final feature worth noting from the games is how players who do not start are treated. In other fantasy games, maneuvering potential injuries or even healthy scratches is always a challenge. With MKF if a player is picked in a game like Hit Parade and that player ends up not playing, the entire game is cancelled out. This can be good or bad, it is comforting knowing as the DFS player you will not lose your bet on a game where only 2 players are supposed to carry the load of 3. However, it is possible to have the game be cancelled that you would have won, especially in HomeRun Blast where you can bet on more than 0.5 homeruns (something one player alone can cover). 

The Final Grade

After playing with Monkey Knife Fight games for a few weeks I have really enjoyed the experience. It is a nice change from the other DFS games where I must keep track of “salary cap” limits or pick from all different positions. As mentioned above, the variety of different games is also wonderful instead of being held to just one or two games, like simply highest fantasy points. I have seen this with other DFS apps and the one game available is not one I wanted to pick for that night, so I decided not to play at all.  The payouts in the games seem very fair for what is given, with varying degrees of risk aversion based on how comfortable you are parlaying multiple fantasy picks. The initial deposit match and ease of setup makes the game fun right away and I have enjoyed continuing to explore how I can pick different players in different scenarios based on my baseball knowledge.  Monkey Knife Fight is a great opportunity to explore DFS if you live in an area where it is available, then take the excitement of professional sports to a whole new level. 

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